Tony Chmelik Biography

Tony Chmelik is the Council Member representing District 2, and according to the biography page on the Frederick County Government site, his politics are way over in the right hand margin. He distinguishes himself with his pleasant demeanor–a refreshing change of pace from the pair of lingering stinkers on the council who share his ideology.

Mr. Chmelik is an engineer and businessman who has lived in the county for 42 years, and has 11 kids! Crikey! How does he have time for businesses and mission work and council service? He sounds like a busy guy. One other snazzy note is that he is a partner in a geothermal climate control business, which is way cool.

2 thoughts on “Tony Chmelik Biography

  1. Please join us praying w/Tony at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Libertytown, MD. Fellow knights tell me he belongs to the KoC and traveled to Haiti on a mission trip. May we pray that Tony Chlemik soon see the light and “vote NO on Monrovia Town Center”. There are 99.99999% of all south county residents against CONSTRUCTING OR APPROVAL OF Monrovia Town Center. I believe as Tony Chlemik read his self researched self analysis that sounded more like an attorney for the land developer than a contractor composed it. How could a busy contractor w/a business have the 100 hours needed to do a half fast research job? Not all was accurate in his analysis. Tony never attended even one or any of the thirteen public hearing on Monrovia Town Center. In his analysis he made the crowd think he “supported land owner rights”. I hope this goes all the way back to compensate the native American who first claimed these land for their tribe. Did Lord Baltimore adequately compensate them? Was the land title to land ownership free and clear? Monrovia Town Center was zoned agricultural in early 2013. Development may have been in one of the several controversial comprehensive plans ( 20111, 2012 or 2013 ?) but all FC constituents expected development like that which already existed of one house on one acre. RALE does not oppose all development just over development. RALE has not opposed Frank Gladhill’s Drees or Bennett Preserve because it is consistent w/what exists. As Tony Chlemik completed reading his self claimed 10-15 minute manifesto he said he had no plans to move away from Rt 75 but one never knows when a great deal on a new house around the area might come one’s way? Tony surprised me during his public record analysis when he said there is only a rush hour in the morning. I did a traffic count in June and found that traffic onto Rt 355 in Frederick County was above 1,200 vehicles per hour from 6 AM and still going as strong as we enetered the 9 AM hour. I am told Tony Chlemik is a home builder/contractor and likes to home school his family. That is his business. He also supports charter schools, which are also called “for profit schools”. There is no doubt Tony needs to listen to his constituents. I attended some of his early debates as he ran for public office. On another related note, Kirby D. sang a different tune after his inability to find one constituent who supported Narconon. Kirby voted to say, “NO on Narconon”. It was good he helped to drive coffin nail in it.


  2. I looked for Tony Chmelik’s biography to see if it included any US Military service? I did not see any of what would be an important reference regarding wearing the uniform & serving in the US military? Did he or did he not serve? The US Marine Corp flag that he flew every day in his front yard during the election was larger than his US flag. I know his dad, Joe Chmelik of maybe Ijamsville, may have served in the US Marine Corp but Tony only displayed his flag every day during the election year and seldom in other years. Many of us have had family members serve in the USMC and some die like my uncle on Iwo Jima.


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