Jessica Fitzwater Biography

Jessica Fitzwater was born and raised in Maryland. She grew up in Washington County. She completed her undergraduate degree at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and earned her master’s degree from Hood College. Her bio states the following:

Jessica is a music teacher at Oakdale Elementary School, where she directs an extracurricular chorus and dance club, and has served in several leadership capacities at the school and county level. A product of public schools, Jessica is a firm believer that every child has the right to a high quality education. Through her work in the classroom, she inspires young children to express themselves, become risk-takers, and work cooperatively with one another.

We think that the patience she has acquired while working with elementary age children will serve her well as she tries to keep the peace with the more petulant and child like members of the Council. We look to Jessica to be a voice of reason and balance.

Jessica seems to be an up and comer in local politics. We would not be surprised if this Council seat is only the beginning of a long career in public service for Mrs. Fitzwater.

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