Jerry Donald Biography

Born and raised in Frederick County, Jerry Donald has worked for the school system for over 25 years. According to his Frederick County Council website:

He is a graduate of Middletown High School and Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College). Besides teaching, he has been in sales, coached and officiated high school sports, served as President of the Braddock Heights Community Association and served in various positions at Trinity United Methodist Church.

Mr. Donald ran a contentious campaign against former Congressman Roscoe Barlett’s wife, Ellen. In a little bit of election drama there was a recount in which Mr. Donald was declared the winner by a mere 25 votes. Even though he has secured an ethics opinion confirming there is no conflict between him being a teacher and serving on the Frederick County Council, he still has to defend himself from accusations of impropriety. So far this term, Mr. Donald has been very vocal in his opposition to the historical designation sought by the owner’s of the Trout Run property.

Besides that we don’t have much else to say about Mr.Donald. Frankly, he’s kind of boring to write about, which means he must be a grown up or something. Anyway,we are looking forward to the contributions he will most certainly make on the county council.

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