Bud Otis Biography

We here at Local Yokel have not been able to find much in the way of facts concerning Bud’s past. We do know he was born on a farm.  We do not know the location of that farm. But we are guessing it’s outside of Frederick since he has lived in our fine county on and off since 1973. We will let Bud tell you a little about himself:

I went to school, raised a family, worked for a business and became the president of the business with 350 employees. I volunteered for my community. I spent the last twelve years in a key role as Chief of Staff for our local Congressman. In Washington, I was successful in working with both Democrats and Republicans, in a respectful manner, despite the gridlock that offends us all.

We did uncover a Washington Times article about his time as Chief of Staff for Roscoe Bartlett. He resigned among allegations that he was calling around trying to gauge support for his own Congressional bid. (To which we can only say yay!) But we do not know Bud’s side of the story. In 2014, he threw his hat in the ring for an At-Large council seat. Not only did he win, he was also appointed President of the County Council.

It’s no secret, as evidenced by our many posts on the subject, that we here at the yokel are fans of Bud. While we admittedly used to sneer at his “I share your values” campaign signs, we have more than come around. Bud has shown us that he can be fair, respectful and willing to get the job done. We are looking forward to see what else Bud has in store for us. Never you mind! After three years of votes that aligned with the responsible growth Democrats, Bud has had a change of heart. We are confused by the strategy of angering Republican constituents and now angering his remaining supporters as well.

This Bud’s for us! everyone? no one? himself.


2 thoughts on “Bud Otis Biography

  1. Sorry you feel the way you do about me today. I have done my best to keep the Council running with three votes one way and three votes the other way. If you would have given me the opportunity to talk with you I think I could of explained some of the reasons behind some of my votes. Being the fourth vote is not easy but I have done my best to be fair to both sides and that is the best I can do!


  2. Bud, contact me please. Want to talk about what happened and have a few questions about what happened to FER when I left.

    Glad you’re still alive man.


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