Blaine Young Biography

Born in 1973, the third of four sons to Ron and Karen Young, Blaine Young likes to describe himself as Frederick’s Youngest Good Ole Boy. After graduating from Thomas Johnson High School Mr. Young spent some time at Frederick Community College before transferring to Frostburg State University.  After graduation he returned to Frederick where the pull of the family business proved too great to resist.

From 1995-1999 he served as the Chairman of the Frederick Democratic Party. He then went on to become the second youngest Frederick City Alderman and served in that capacity from 1998-2002. Then the Black Book scandal hit and Mr. Young, at the ripe old age of 30, decided to “retire” from politics.

Blaine Young
“Are those horns sticking out of your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

During this hiatus from politics Blaine decided to leave the Democratic Party. Correction, according to him, “The Democratic Party left me.” Was this a result of the black book scandal, his desperate need to separate himself from the party of Daddy, or was it a sincerely held philosophical difference that caused him to switch party loyalties?

“I will say whatever gets me the most attention!”
“I will say whatever gets me the most attention!”

Before re-entering politics Blaine became a partner in Yellow Cab and hosted a daily show on WFMD in which he would berate local Democratic officials. This sophomoric effort at serious radio programming was put on hold when Mr. Young reluctantly ran for a seat on the Board of County Commissioners after having been appointed to Charles Jenkin’s vacant seat in 2010.

In 2010, along with his dream team, Paul Smith, Kirby Delauter and Billy Shreve, he would be elected as President of the Board.

David Gray
David Gray, a rose between four thorns.

During his tenure we would see an almost fanatical effort to privatize the county’s services. Most would be unsuccessful, except for the elimination of funding for Head Start and the sale of the county’s nursing home. It will also be a time in which Mr. Young engages in an affair with a county employee with whom he would eventually leave his family for.

During his tenure county employee morale plummeted. Frederick County was a constant embarrassment both locally and state wide. So it was to no one’s surprise, except maybe Blaine and his minions, that he lost the election to Jan Gardner in 2014. Such a big shock since his enrollment in a Mount Saint Mary’s MBA program enlightened him to the flaws in his character.

To this day Blaine insists that Jan did not win the election only that he lost. We must make it our mission that he continues to lose and never, ever finds his way back into the leadership of Frederick County.

UPDATE: March 2016: It was revealed to the world that Mr. Young was arrested for solicitation in a BWI area hotel room. He only had 20 minutes and $60 but man oh man he was raring to go! Thank goodness the good voters of our fine county didn’t make this guy head honcho! Check back for details of his trial, set for August 2016

5 thoughts on “Blaine Young Biography

  1. He took my job as a social worker, working 18 years for the elderly if Frederick County. Lost retirement money, but more importantly, lost a job I loved for so many years. He hurt many good people financially and emotionally. Five years later I still have some difficult times. Glad his true character finally shined thru for all to see. You know what they say about Karma!!!!! Hope he pays for his bad behavior!

    Karen Novello


    1. We are so sorry to hear about your troubles. Part of the reason we created this blog was to encourage people to start paying attention to our local politics. Another was to make sure that no one forgets the damage Blaine has inflicted on our county, because we knew he was going to try and slither his way back in. We encourage you, and any of our other readers to share their horror stories so Blaine never ever gets back into a position of power in our fine county.


      1. Your initial info on Blain Young reflects a wrong birth year. Your site says 1973, but shows he was born in 1971. I know it’s a small issue, but for the sake of truth in information, please update your page. Thanks.


  2. Loved the article. I’m trying to find out more about the Politics in Western Maryland and when I first moved here I saw Blaine’s Privateering but didn’t know any of the background.


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