On Thanksgiving: Don’t forget to thank people trying to protect our health

We heard through the grapevine that the Council is getting a lot of feedback from the turkeys who think that we should just open everything back up. And hey, we get it. This is not good for the economy and people need to make money.

The solution to this should not be to risk exposure to a pandemic virus that (checks notes…dear Zeus…latest is that it might make your teeth fall out????…please do not full yokel on us, people). At any rate, the point is that the long term health effects are not yet known, the virus has killed one in every 1,000 North Dakotans. So far. It ain’t over yet, folks. No matter how tired we all are.

Don’t be a virus hoaxer, mask rebel, or otherwise idiotic conspiracy theorist.

The solution should be for us to support people who have to stay home, not for all of us to go get Covid at our favorite restaurants and bars (which we DO love dearly and make our community the distinct and vibrant place that it is) so that they can still get a paycheck.

What we need to be sure of is that while we all do our Thanksgiving Day Oprah gratitude journaling like:

Dear Oprah’s Gratitude Journal, I am thankful that I have never met Cindy Rose, Dan Cox, or Danny Farrar live and in person and they have never had the opportunity to breathe or shout Covid on me directly.

We also send off some genuine gratitude to the people making the most responsible decisions possible to prevent the spread of the virus. You can reach your County Council and County Executive through these pages via the email link. There is no reason we should be opening bars and not schools, but these are the choices that are being forced upon us by people’s refusal to be responsible. Also, if you want to show our local hospital some support, for we all know they are about to get slammed, support our fundraiser on their behalf.

And FYI Sweden has had worse economic impact than their neighbors in Europe for all their effort at attempting to carry on like this virus doesn’t exist. Take a lesson.

Nearby counties in Pennsylvania are way in the critical risk zone, and Frederick Health Hospital has a record number of covid patients at this moment. Please thank the people who are taking this seriously and doing what is a thankless job with no great options in sight.

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