Let’s paddle all those brain washed kids! Your BoE election week in review!

We can barely keep up with this year’s slate of BoE candidates! We shared quite a few of Cindy Rose’s Facebook posts on our Facebook page last week, so make sure you take a gander at all of that!  Since we have heard so much lately about how Twitter and other social media outlets are the best way for politicians to communicate, we are going to go ahead and present to you some of our latest social media findings.

If you haven’t had the chance to read our post on what a friend of the Yokel termed “The Hate Slate”, please take the time to do so. There we not only point out how very poorly written their “For Immediate Release” post was, but we also took the time to research and refute the claims within.

Did we ever!

The Hate Slate really doesn’t like it when we re-post their posts, read their press releases, or write anything about their awful ideas. According to them, that is bullying.


LOL! If they want to believe that pointing out why they would be terrible members of our children’s board of education is bullying, we’ll just have chalk that up to one of the million things they are confused about.

Let us first see how some of our candidates felt about the school walk out, shall we?

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.31.50 PM
Take heed liberals! Cindy will have you beaten into submission!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.19 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.32.36 PM

Before we say anything else, let’s also explore what some members of her “Dream Team” had to say:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.39.12 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.34.01 PM

Chaz also went before the BOE this week to explain to us all how very concerned he is that those kids who did not want to participate in the walk out are somehow persecuted in an interesting interpretation of the 1st amendment:


Here’s our Yokel analysis of all of the above:

Free speech does not apply to kids if they disagree with our point of view. These teenagers could not have come to a different conclusion than us (i.e.-we don’t want to get shot at school) without somehow being brainwashed by the evil liberal teachers. However, if a teenager does happen to subscribe to our point of view, they are heroes and critical thinkers who are the TRUE future leaders of these here United States. Also, Freedom of Speech ONLY applies to those who share our point of view because those who express a different viewpoint RIGHT IN OUR VERY FACES  are somehow making us feel very bad and now we need our safe space!

Please, continue posting, people! PLEASE!

We also found a few goodies on the candidate page of Seth Eisenberg. Please take a hot second to read this blog post on his BoE page:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.29 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.37 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-18 at 1.56.45 PM

Yeah, how about that Maryland Case Search!? Go take a look folks! Of course people are going to look at what kind of person you are if you want to represent our interests! And that includes whether or not you have had any run-ins with the law! And of course we want those in charge of making educational decisions for our children to have a basic understanding of education (and to know how English works)! To us this requires ,at minimum, a college degree or some other kind of proof that shows you are beyond capable of analyzing research and passing budgets! (Yes, we know, elitist!) And #sorrynotsorry we are not going to be positive with people who have no business in the world running for the board of ed!

You may be asking why we have chosen to spend so much time lately on the board of education race. These types of races don’t usually get a lot of press and in our opinion that is a huge problem! If rational folks don’t pay attention you wind up with board of education members who choose textbooks that treat slavery as just another world migration, or decide that creationism belongs in a science classroom, or try to ban books like Harry Potter. We can’t let these people on our school board. Pay attention and be vigilant!

Here’s one more chuckle for your Sunday afternoon:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 12.36.38 PM
Appealing to the disgraced-several-times-over Milo Yiannopoulos for campaign advice is simultaneously tragic and hilarious. You have to be a special kind of nuts to get Twitter banned, and some of Milo’s big troubles come from appearing to promote pedophilia, so…

If you haven’t heard about Milo Y’s latest adventures, definitely enjoy some whimsical reading about his retracted CPAC invitation, kooky-stupid book deal that vanished into thin air, and termination from his cranky Breitbart covfefe production gig.


11 thoughts on “Let’s paddle all those brain washed kids! Your BoE election week in review!

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post about the Maryland Court Case Search, I appreciate it. I know of no better way to get this out in the open than to have it blasted on the Frederick Local Yokel website. There must be something lacking in your self assured pompous persona to think that I would make any comments in my post regarding you as bullies; perhaps the truth stings a little? If you would, please return and re-read the posting in its entirety, surely you grasp the English language well enough to figure out that I was referring to the persons responsible for posting the beginnings of the court case search chain of mutterings. I am so sorry to disappoint you. How brilliant for you to quickly pick up on the clues regarding your previous posts on spelling, punctuation and grammar? Good for you. I will repeat for you, since it seems that you don’t understand what you have instructed everyone to do, (such a secret) is ask them to go ahead and look on Maryland Court Case Search and if for some strange reason, the Frederick Local Yokel, can decipher anything on the results of that court case search, you could also post and point out that just because someone has a court case for any reason, it appears in the results. It does not, however, reveal that anyone in those particular listed results were charged or arrested; simply because they were not. What it does show, is that the case was dismissed. Surely you are familiar with persons who are out for revenge? Oh’ that’s right, the Frederick Local Yokel is anonymous, maybe you don’t understand that concept. I’m sorry. It appears to me that the Frederick Local Yokel simply has it out for “the Hate Slate” and you have made it your mission to point at anyone who gives any of the persons you tagged on your post, the time of day. These people are all individuals, with their own views and voices, but it’s easier for you just to lump them all together and spew hatred and judgement without the cold hard facts, (when you do get those, please be sure and share those as well), than to post positive things about the anyone that you may be supporting. You get so much more done with honey than you do with vinegar. Humans have flaws Yokel, believe it or not, and I think yours is showing.


    1. Well, Carolyn, the reasons not to vote for the likes of Cindy Rose are many. To name just a few that come to mind from her social media rants:

      – fear of anything that is provided by the federal government. Namely, she advocates abolishing the Dept. of Education. Certainly, we have all felt frustration with the US Dept. of Education. But it’s just asinine for a BoE candidate to promote its demise.
      – name-calling: vulgar terms tossed at teachers, administrators, and even Dr. Alban. ‘Nuff said to disqualify her right there.
      – claiming everything being taught in schools is promoting socialism and indoctrinating our students. (Please look up the meaning of socialism).

      I’ve just scratched the surface of reasons not to elect Rose, nor anyone who decides to hitch their wagon to that train wreck.


      1. A slate is a group of candidates that run in multi-seat or multi-position elections on a common or similar platform. Voting for a particular member of any “proposed” slate (because we all know that the BOE election is non-partisan), does not elect all members of that group of people.
        That is what I meant by these are all individual people with their own ideas and values.
        Maybe what brings this group of people together is their passion to make positive changes in what they see in current conditions? But to group them together as if they are all one person is wrong.


      2. Carolyn: so what you are saying is that Seth had a strong enough platform to stand on his own. Then he ought to do that. Until then, he will not be taken seriously if he continues to run on a slate with Cindy Rose. To me that means he implicitly approves of her bullying tactics, which runs afoul of your “Say No to Bullying” event.


  2. Went to your FB page and saw the Cindy posts. It takes a special kind of moron to misspell “bigoted” wrong, twice, two different ways, in the same sentence. The kind of moron I will not be voting for.


  3. Carolyn,

    Your post includes a sentence that is 79 words long. I tried for the life of me to understand the substance of what you were saying but you made that functionally impossible. I look forward to you having no role in overseeing my child’s education.


    1. Mrs. Fritchie,

      Good afternoon. I apologize for the blob that became my post.

      I do not, nor would I ever, prefer to present a letter, statement or comment in that manner.

      I was having difficulty getting my post to cooperate on my computer, as when I used my return key, my comments would post instead of creating a new paragraph. I intended on getting across what I wanted to say and was not so much worried with the manner in which it “physically” posted.

      As you can see, once again, more people are concerned with how something is written, not what it says. Which is in part, a portion of the content of my post.

      May I point out, that there is indeed punctuation being used in the original post.

      Thank you so much,


  4. Carolyn,

    Are you merely an observer? Or are you the treasurer for one of the candidates’ election campaigns? Hmm. So are you lying? Or is this just another example of you being exceedingly bad at the written language? I guess you’ll have to explain yourself again, again.

    I looked up your involvement in the campaign before I wrote about your hypothetical involvement in my kid’s education. It was based on the premise that if you’re on one of these moon bats’ campaign committees, you’re going to presumably have their ear when it comes to BoE issues. Thanks, but no thanks.

    But before I get off the topic of word salad, you fundamentally misunderstand what a slate is. ***Your*** candidate has chosen to make the association with the others, ***we*** are questioning them on that association, like what literally happens in every single election, ever.

    Like how the coming 2018 midterms, every republican will be confronted with questions about Donald Trump. Nobody thinks they’re actually Donald Trump, Carolyn, but because they choose to associate with him via party, they wind up having to do that.

    Which makes your position even sillier, by contrast. There are literally tens of millions of republicans in this country, many of them people who were republicans before Donald Trump was, they’ll never meet the man, but still they have to answer for his deeds.

    In contrast, YOUR candidate has *actively cultivated a relationship with the other candidates* thus making his level of involvement all the more damning.

    Finally, the style of a written piece absolutely impacts its substance. That’s why we lionize Abraham Lincoln and not, say, Flava Flav.

    But, if you want me to respond to the substance of what you originally wrote, let me give it to you fast and clear: tough shit. If you sign up to run for political office, expect people to rip your life apart. If your candidate wasn’t ready to answer for information that’s readily available on the internet, he has no business running. It’s not the job of the public to intuit innocence.

    I think I’ve addressed the silliness of your “hate slate” word salad complaint. If you need me to explain it to you again, let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “What we have here is a failure to communicate!” Cindy and her Trump youth group are not about education, they’re about propaganda and brainwashing! If any of them truly had an education they would not support Donnie bone spurs and the Republican uneducated masses that supported Don the con.
    It is very sad to me that a country that I served, my father served, and my namesake lost his life for in WWII is heading toward a authoritarian corporate fascist regime!!
    Vic Davy VIETNAM CLASS OF 69


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