Kirby’s award winning flowchart outdone in Best of LOL category

You guys. Kirby has a T-shirt ostensibly intended to allow firefighters to show support for his campaign, and we cannot wait for you see it! It says, “Extinguish bad government/Vote Kirby Delauter” and depicts a flame throwing fire extinguisher…um…torching everything in sight. Now, we are not professional fire fighters, but we are pretty sure that isn’t how you put out fires.


Doesn’t it have a blowtorch effect? My oh my, this is too much fun. It gives that flow chart a run for its money on giggle fit potential.

It is poignant, y’all. What a master of symbolism. We had no idea of the fertile artistic mind operating behind that basic dude/common clay image. Accidental brilliance. What could better represent the unintended consequences that would result from voting for this dingdong. Way to fan the flames, man!



Another fun thing we’ve noticed is that he is taking pictures of random individuals. Individuals. Then he tags them with some category. Say Kirby bumps into Joe the Plumber at the carnival, right? And Joe, who you may have heard is a plumber, is apparently feeling kindly toward Kirby, who <<waves wand, a la peanut butter and jelly sandwiches>> becomes a movement like Plumbers for Kirby. So much for his English degree. That’s not how singular and plural work, but better luck next time.

May this campaign never end. It is such a delightful diversion from our national nightmare. However, we do notice that Women for Kirby has 117 likes, and like Hair Furor’s approval rating, that is too many. Don’t get carried away here, people.

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