Someone up there is superfluous! Your 6/27 workshop roundup!

If you’ve got two hours to devote to last night’s workshop, please have at it. If not, we are here to bring y’all up to speed!

The majority of the meeting was devoted to solid waste. Mainly the subject of composting was brought up. The suggestion from the consulting company hired to help us sort out our looming solid waste problem was to make legislation requiring people to compost their food and yard waste.  This would be done slowly, with pilot programs in certain areas, before being implemented throughout the whole county. Read the story in the FNP that goes into more detail or peruse these fine slides we screenshot for you:

Screenshot (5)Screenshot (6)Screenshot (7)Screenshot (9)Screenshot (10)Screenshot (11)Screenshot (13)Screenshot (14)

The next part of the workshop was to vote on some changes to county council rules and procedures.

Things are going pretty well until we get to Billy’s two amendments. He wants this added:

To promote discussion, three (3) Council members may vote, at any time, to discuss an item with the Council. The item for discussion is not required to be in writing.

Tony goes into a separate discussion about engaging the public when they are giving comment and makes makes everyone LOL when he states:

I want to have intercourse with these people.

He quickly corrects himself and says discourse, but not before almost everyone is lost in a fit of giggles! It’s decided that it is not the best course of action to engage the public in any and every issue they may bring before the council.

His next and final amendment reads:

Council members may ask questions of any one testifying or other Council members at any time the Council is meeting as a group, including workshops, public hearings, and legislative days.

Jerry immediately asks, “Can’t we do this already?” Jessica answers, “Yes, we can.” Tony asks if this is clarifying language, to which Billy replies yes. M.C. then states that it is “superfluous” and  not needed. She adds, “To spell it out again makes us look a little silly.”

Billy’s hero!

So here we are again, watching Billy waste everyone’s time with nonsense!!! If he truly understood the charter he wouldn’t have put forth this amendment! If you didn’t hear the news, Billy told The Frederick Extra that he is going to run for Ron Young’s Maryland Senate seat.  He’s super optimistic that he will win:

Of his opposition in the primary, Shreve said his name recognition gives him an advantage.

Earlier Shreve said that as co-chair of Frederick County Republicans for Trump campaign in 2016, will serve him well in 2018 if Trump is still viewed favorably by area Republicans.

Yeah, we all recognize the name Billy, but not in the way you may want us to! ICYMI, here’s some more reasons why we shouldn’t let Mr. Shreve go to Annapolis!

Kirby’s CE campaign is also off and running. He’s got some fine shirts for little girls women, for you ladies who want to wear his name all over town.  And we are really looking forward to the day when he appears in front of the council with a snowball to show us all that climate change isn’t a real thing:

Screenshot (19)
The biggest sigh ever!!!

Senator Billy? BAAHAAAHAAA!

So do we!!!

Rumors have been swirling for months that this would happen: Billy has announced his bid for Maryland State Senator! And LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Who told him that was a good idea? He couldn’t handle the responsibilities of a county council member, but he wants to go to Annapolis to show the whole state how truly incompetent he is? WE THINK NOT!

So, in honor of all the unbelievably stupid things Billy has done during his tenure on the county council, we have complied a list of his greatest hits. This is in no way a comprehensive compilation of his glaring incompetence (if you want that just go to our blog and type his name in!), however, it should be enough to give even the most ignorant voter pause.

Remember when Billy wanted a People’s Court? That’s right he thought it would be a good idea if citizens could go before the council so they could resolve their disputes. You know, kind of like the Frederick County District Court system.

We would rather go before the Imperial Magistrates of the Quintessons than let Billy Shreve solve our disputes!

Let’s not forget all the wedding venue drama in which Billy took to Facebook to blame it all on the County Executive.

It’s all so curious that Billy still tags Blaine in any post related to county government business. Is he still in search of his guiding hand? Perhaps Blaine is the one encouraging Billy to run against his father. As we’ve reported before, the Young family  has whole lot of drama.

Before Billy was banned from writing for the Woodsboro Times, he liked to write some pretty incredible stuff. Take a peek.

Billy likes to do things like “update facts”. We know, try not to choke as you read through this one.

Of course you don’t want to, but please check out the brain on Billy.

King of the Deplorables!

Way back in October 2015, he called Jan a compulsive gambler because he didn’t like the way she ran the county government.

Billy was chairman of the local Republican Central Committee for a year. Read to see how well that went!!!

And finally, read our post asking, “What is Billy qualified to do?”.

If you have your own Billy story, please share it on our Facebook page. We need to spread the word far and wide that we do not want this guy representing us in Annapolis!

World of NO, Shrelauter and clown. We need brains.

FFS. There’s a difference between “your balls” and “you’re balls,” you BALLS. This is your official Councilman Facebook page. Please try and keep up with fourth grade in this space, if you want to make grown man plans.

Guess what, jerk-face. We cashed those checks and donated to charities providing for the people you kicked in the BALLS, where a $100 donation will do a lot more than buy one dinner out. Disgusting. Trying to buy a vote with $100. Bless David Gray (R-easonable) for having some class and leaving his name off of that letter. These crass simpletons. You know who noticed the reduced workforce?! The 20% who lost their livelihood, you collection of scrotal tissues.

BTW, “legal tax payers” should know that even undocumented workers pay taxes. And then receive little in return. It’s a genius scam. What loathsome testes you all are.

You should all go to this page and comment. It’s your 1A Right. Make sure you document with a screen grab in case you need the ACLU to stop him from silencing you on his official minion of the scary scary government that he hates page.

Women for Kirby now has line of attire for mythical creatures

Fake news!
Lame! Sad!

Egad, y’all. Kirby has a shirt that looks like a Lego Friends ad for his CE campaign. It is fuchsia and has a stylized purple daisy on it, symbolizing sexism. We are super excited for the unveiling of his Men for Kirby shirt, which we guess will be blue and we hope has a Hot Wheels, or a Spiderman, or a Thor, or some other boy nonsense, instead of probably a handgun. Have a look.

This almost makes us miss his Massengil themed page.


Vote for your favorite Yokels!

It’s that time of year again folks!

The Frederick News Post is once again taking nominations for their annual Best of the Best contest! Up until July 9th you can vote for your favorite Frederick restaurant, camping site, school, and of course your favorite local blog…US! So, if you would be so kind click on over to their contest page, scroll down to the entertainment section, and then under Local Blog enter: Frederick Local Yokel!!! Show us some love!



Your Yokel week in review!

We’ll help you out, Marmalade!

There is so much to point out to you this week, we thought it was best to do one Friday post to wrap it all up for y’all!

Let’s start with the FNP’s snazzy photo, which you may or may not have seen flying around the intertubes. Definitely check out the link to the interview below if you missed it, because our very own Sheriff talks about his meeting with Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard “I ain’t answering none of your questions” Sessions! Sessions is wearing a yellow tie, and according to some nouveau Victorian tie custom (we guess) this means Sessions is a coward! Wow, don’t y’all feel so much safer with these two in charge? You can read the write up of the FNP”s interview with Jenkins, but not Sessions! Because he don’t have no time for y’all’s inquiries!

On the subject of Jenkins and his immigration stance, there was a brilliant LTE from a nice fella that was in attendance during last week’s 287 (g) meeting.

While we are on the subject of LTE’s. Let us direct you to this one regarding the festering dead horse beating of Jessica and Jerry voting for their own salaries  and this one regarding Kathy Afzali’s legislative style! Keep up the good work fellow citizens of Frederick County!

Speaking of Kathy, she sent out a little note letting us all know that she is not running for her Delegate seat, but she’s got some plans! Plans that will be revealed AFTER Labor Day!

Well, some of those who have the same “plans” have officially filed their paperwork. Check out The Frederick Extra’s story on Blaine’s former flame, Regina Williams.

Let’s move on to the city of Frederick. Two stories out of there. First of all, Randy McClement has filed for re-election. Putting him in the ring with Alderman Michael O’Connor and former mayor, Jennifer Doughtery.

The only Republican on the Frederick City board of Alderman, Phil Dacey, has announced that he will not seek re-election to that post. However, he is interested in pursuing the At-Large County Council seat. If he didn’t have the wherewithal to fulfill his duties as an alderman, how can he expect us to vote him onto the council?

This Tuesday, the county council will have a workshop. We don’t do drinking games for workshops, but don’t worry we won’t judge! Whatever works peeps!