Billy laughs at violence; abhors free press–the sequel!

Why do our conservative council members have such an issue with The First Amendment? Probably no one needs this recap, but #KirbyDelauter is a minor celebrity for threatening to sue a reporter for using his name–as a public figure–in the newspaper without permission. Not to be outdone, his co-moron will not shut up on his Twitter. Much like the leader of their cult of crass stupidity. Et, voila…

GAH! These people are horrid.

We have noted ourselves that they act like they are in high school and everything is a game of dominance. It’s like those who peaked in high school (if at all) keep trying to turn Frederick County into their high school drama. Josh Barro of Business Insider tackles this subject quite well.

[their]..ideal of masculinity that might be imagined by a socially maladjusted 15-year-old and tolerating in our political leaders the sort of behavior that a guidance counselor would never accept.


Drawing it out with an apt analogy about BIG CAVEMAN STEAL UR LUNCH MONEY (a nod to Laura Ingraham’s dismissive Tweet on the subject) so long as you aren’t the Sad! Loser! whose money was taken. These people, Billy, Trump, Laura Ingraham, anyone who thinks like this: they are what’s wrong with America. Get your act together and grow up. All of you.

Does Billy condone violence against reporters? Let his Twitter feed be your guide. 

In the likely event that you’ve been on a media blackout,we have some horrible news for you. A Montana congressional candidate, Greg Gianforte (R-Repulsive), viciously attacked a reporter yesterday. According to eyewitnesses, this fetid excuse for a human being did not like being asked questions about policy directly related to his job as a U.S. Congressman. Therefore, he had no choice but to wrap both of his demon hands around said reporter’s neck and body-slam him to the floor. He broke the reporters glasses and later lied about the altercation, claiming the reporter grabbed him by the wrist first. (A claim that was peppered with the words “liberal reporter” as though that was reason enough for the attack.) The FOX news reporters who were witnesses to this assault refuted that claim and said that the reporter, Ben Jacobs, never touched him. The sheriff charged Gianforte with assault, which unfortunately is only a misdemeanor. If you are going to be a politician, the press is going to ask you questions about policy. Everyone knows that, right?

Everyone except our very own Billy Shreve. Billy thinks what Gianforte did was a heroic act that Americans are behind:


That’s right folks, Billy is A-Okay with this attack on a reporter. Because Americans, whom presumably Billy thinks he speaks for, want our politicians to attack the press! Literally, fight them like the dogs they are! We’ve been missing out by not looking at this miscreant’s Twitter page because look at some of these other goodies that reflect Billy’s attitude towards the press:

The only conclusion that we can come to here is that Billy wants a dictatorship.  Because you know what happens when the government attacks the press? That’s right, the death of democracy.

Take a look at this world press freedom map that hangs in the Newseum. See the red countries? Those are the ones that don’t have freedom of the press. And guess who else doesn’t have freedom in the land of the red? That’s right, just about everyone else. Shall we do a GoFundMe to arrange for a private tour for Billy to visit the Newseum?

News is not fake just because you don’t like it moron! Just because you don’t share the same opinions that actual journalists who do real research and conduct in-person interviews do doesn’t mean they are wrong! And it certainly doesn’t mean they should be attacked for doing their job! Good Saffro on a cracker, wake the hell up, man!

Of course, we had to peruse some more of this high thinker’s feed. Guess what else he believes?


That’s right people! Healthcare is a privilege!! A PRIVILEGE!  So next time you are suffering from some horrible disease and have lost your house and every damn cent you’ve ever had because you couldn’t afford the PRIVILEGE of healthcare, please  remember to thank heartless bastards like Billy. Or at least haunt them from the other side. It really is something else to watch these people claim to care about the common man out of one side of their mouths, while simultaneously spouting off that healthcare is a privilege out the other.

We can come to no other conclusion except that Billy hates democracy. Anyone who would advocate the eradication of the press, condones violence against those brave enough to find out the truth, and would label healthcare a privilege is someone who doesn’t really care about democracy.

We’ll leave you with this one Tweet from this Twit:


While it is true that women in Ancient Mongolia had more legal rights than women in other parts of the Ancient World, we don’t think you can call a man who was responsible for over 40 million deaths a champion of anything. But hey, he was a dictator and that seems to be what old Billy likes!

You know what Billy, just:

A million times over!

Natelli is getting another hearing and what the hell is going on in Carroll County?

Is this required reading for Carroll County politicians?

So we’ll get the meat of the meeting out of the way first since we have some cray cray to discuss. Mr. Natelli came to the council to ask that his application be split into three separate applications. Everyone seemed amenable to that solution and hearings will be scheduled in the near future.

Now, let’s go back to some comments that Matt Seubert made at the beginning of the meeting. He was discussing the Monocacy River advisory board. He advised us that Carroll County is not a good faith partner in all of this because their board, led by Richard Rothschild, is on an anti U.N. agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory kick.


So what is going on along our Eastern boundary? We must admit, this isn’t the first time that Mr. Rothschild has been brought to our attention. But, since he wasn’t our problem, he was kind of out of sight out of mind. However, if he is sabotaging the protection of a river of that runs right through our county because of some crack pot conspiracy theory, then he IS our problem.

We’ll let you pursue some information about what exactly Agenda 21 is and the SPLC’s report on the right-wing conspiracies about this non-binding report on making the Earth a sustainable place. We had some inkling, when the Frederick Extra reported on the disbarred lawyer who took some silver bullion from a couple and was also threatening to sue the board,  that some craziness was afoot. (Check out that guy’s Stand and Fight site if you want to delve into the other side.) But we had no idea the nuttiness that is now the Carroll County government. There are some folks in that fair county who have not drunk the Kool-Ad as evidenced by this LTE and this one. We feel as though Carroll County is in DIRE need of their own local yokel site. So if y’all know of anyone willing to provide this essential service, send them our way. We’ll be happy to get them set up and on their happy way.  From what we have been able to dig up, they may have more dysfunction that we do!

To each her own.

FWIW, we are Women Against Kirby Delauter. But you knew that.

The breaking installment of WTF is Kirby doing: the grapevine sayeth that he needs more time to prepare an explanation containing factual information regarding his school construction claims, so that is why his hearing has been rescheduled. Does this mean he has been full of it for about a year now? See, we can be nice and pretend it’s just this one thing! Is he just making it up as he goes along? Just asking questions here…

The best thing about this is that it looks like a box of Massengil, and while on the surface making silly pink logos and Georgia O’Keefey floral stuff could seem patronizing to the ladies, that Kirby would have such interesting product connotations to market himself is somehow delightfully poetic.

What say you, deploraBilly? Human trafficking refresher course.

According to Mrs. Nepotism Kushner, a priority of the Trump administration is going to be the human trafficking problem. Excuse the mandatory cynicism, but this is probably horse pucky, given how preoccupied the administration is. At least Ivanka knows it sounds good. Add it to Jared’s to-do list. Is this awkward for Trumpy Billy and his cohort? “Constitutional” Sheriff Jenkins, most bigly among them, who preferred to make this a federal issue over a local one. This, even though the purpose of a county task force was so that local agencies could learn to work together to identify victims and punish criminals. And of course, you probably already know the bonehead statement Billy said about some people being in favor of it. “It” being human trafficking, not the task force!

Since that is about the most disgusting thing we can imagine, we are not going to let it go. Never, ever. Particularly since he is allegedly an aspiring State Senator. Thank you, Ivanka. Gurl, props where props are due for this latest installment of Billy Shreve Sucks the Most.

Please consult this non-curated toss-up list of reasons never to vote for him.

Prepare for the mantrum! Kirby’s workshop has been replaced with a public hearing!

Tantrum Brewing
Sorry Hoppers, but your tantrums will never exceed those of #!

We were scratching our watches and winding our butts a few weeks back when Bud said he was going to allow Kirby to re-present his ideas for school construction.We were most aghast earlier in the week to see that that the workshop to discuss such a thing was indeed on the schedule…again.  But, whoopsie-daisy look what happened:

2017-05-21 (2).png

Brace yourselves peeps!

It appears that the developer is back with some additional information about the re-zone case in Urbana. We’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Kirby is absent, Billy doesn’t write his amendments and we have a FY 2018 budget!

County Executive contender, #kirbydelauter, is soaking up the rays and couldn’t be with us this evening. Kind of makes you wonder if he will run out of town during important CE meetings. Because it doesn’t get much more serious than voting on the budget.

Our evening starts off very nicely, recognizing the fine teachers in our county.

Billy is in fine form tonight. And by fine we mean awful. He jumps down the throat of the Public Works representative for not investigating blasting for removing rock for a fire station. Perplexed, the representative says there isn’t much rock to be removed and most of the reason this project is over budget is because they switched the doors on the building. Billy won’t let it go, “Didn’t you investigate blasting?” Not the issue, but he thinks it is, so I guess everyone has to entertain his fantasies? Billy is the only one that votes against this budget adjustment.

Billy votes against the minutes. There’s two public hearings for block amendments. Both pass 6-0-1(for the absent contender for County Executive).

The Solar Panel bill is finally up for a vote. And even though Billy tried to amend it last go around, he is undeterred! First two amendments fail. Jessica asks him if he really meant to put forth the third one, to which he replies, “Good catch! I didn’t write them.” That’s right he didn’t write the amendments that he is spewing forth! (Take our poll to speculate wildly on who does!) All the rest of his amendments to this bill fail.

So very stupid!

Billy isn’t done talking. Says that the solar panels at Mt. St. Mary’s and Ft. Detrick would not be allowed if this bill were in place. To which M.C. says is simply not true! He continues to try and argue his very wrong point, but let’s jump to the end. We now have a solar panel bill, so Central Pennsylvania will have to take down all those billboards thanking Frederick County for killing solar.

An amendment to restrict the timeline for zoning restrictions during an election year is made, so it will go back to a public hearing. Tony is not a fan of this bill. Says it assumes that people aren’t good-natured and that we should just shut the government down the July before an election. Of course the council doesn’t do anything else! And great Zeus’ beard, Tony, don’t pretend that you don’t know why this is being proposed! Just take a look at the Oakdale and Urbana school districts, people! Billy tries to add some more amendments. Says he really likes the idea of removing two laws for every one that is passed. (Maybe Billy should check the news to see how very bigly bad Trump is doing these days.) All fail, again.

Look what you did to Mr. Sniffles!


The hearing will be held on June 6th.

Dog tethering law passes, after more failed amendments from Billy. Billy wants us to know that IF he were a dog he would prefer to be leashed outside for ten hours than to be kept in a kennel all day. Just FYI! Tony talks about his free-range dogs and doesn’t know how it can be enforced. Jerry tells them that Animal Control says they don’t see a problem with enforcement so he’d rather take their word on the issue. Passes 4-2.

We are in and out of the rest of the meeting but we can tell you this:

The Budget has passed!!! So now we get to take a collective sigh of relief !