2 thoughts on “It’s time for your input!

  1. That was easy and quick like hating the new direction of our Country. The County on the other hand makes me proud & happy to have a wonderful CE in charge. Our County is like the Federal government since the County Council
    acts just like the GOP in the US Congress. Fortunately, we are bless that the smart players are in the majority on our local level.


  2. Not surprisingly, my priorities ain’t listed. They are:
    1. If she has not done so already, Jan should verify that the County’s bridge inspection & maintenance program remains sound. Before our departure from the BOCC in 2010, I made the-then Public Works Director, Al Hudak, promise to publicly resign if our successors (Young BOCC) started skimping on bridge maintenance. 2. If she has not done so already, restore the scheduled maintenance of county roads based on the proactive formula adopted during our tenure and subsequently eliminated by the Young BOCC. 3. Any county funding of the BOE/FCPS above MOE levels would go toward partial funding of the unfunded liability for BOE/FCPS retiree health care benefits. The BOE/FCPS needs to properly fund its existing promises before making new ones (i.e. salary increases).

    These items are the Kobarashi Maru of local government finance. They are a test of character, i.e. doing the right thing when you know you won’t get any thanks for doing so. Funding item #3 will bring down the wrath of the BOE/FCPS and its public employee unions and political action committees who, ironically, would be the beneficiaries of properly finances retiree health care benefits.


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