Dueling bills. The Hough huff and guff continues.

State Senator Michael Hough is in the paper with an LTE today attacking Jan Gardner as though she is opposed to ethics reform. What a bunch of garbage. This blatant partisan attack is casting aspersions (asspersions?) at a bill crafted by (edit for clarification/correcting oversimplification) crafted by the Ethics Task Force with attentive feedback from the bipartisan League of Women Voters. That’s a good litmus test for are you being a jerk on purpose.

Hey, you know, a little birdie chirped that former Commissioner Kai Hagen asked at the Hough/Afzali Dog and Pony Townhall of Pretend Listening if he would pledge not to make this a political attack and, nope. He would not. How interesting…

Also, we were asking amongst ourselves the other day: what gives with this double bill double bill trend we are seeing lately? It occurred at the last County Council meeting. It occurred in a really bizarre fashion with Ron Young’s bill to extend the statute of limitations for childhood sex abuse crimes. And this hot mess of ethics.

In our duels, some are Youngs. Some are scrappy. Some are huffy.

3 thoughts on “Dueling bills. The Hough huff and guff continues.

  1. Well, one might think some people were trying to ditch the original bill(s) by confusing the issue and people by saying they wanted something more, and in doing so, nothing moved forward.


  2. I believe the intent of weakening of the ethics law is to allow the old BOCC gang to try and get elected as a majority
    in 2018. Jan Gardner has shown real competence in the running of the County. Her use of citizens on various committees to develop plans for the future is very inclusive. The “Livable Frederick” project is impressive as discussed with the planning commission on February 8, 2017. The Young and restless should not be permitted
    to destroy the wonderful place we live. Time to start watching for new leaders on the State level in Annapolis.


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