3 thoughts on “What goes on behind closed doors?

  1. I have no idea. A possibility could be yet another situation whereby a developer sues or threatens to sue the County in order to turn ordinarily open, public and televised zoning proceedings into closed, confidential proceedings under the guise of settlement negotiations and confidential mediation sessions. Here’s an example of how it works: Danielle Developer (“Dan”) applies to rezone Dan’s land. Dan’s application for the rezoning includes a letter from Dan’s lawyer threatening that “If you don’t rezone my client’s land, we’ll sue.” The open meetings act exemption to discuss “potential litigation” behind closed doors kicks in. For a particularly egregious real-life example, see:


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  2. We, Monrovians are waiting for Mr. Roy Stanley to have his law-required meeting with the community prior to starting the rezoning application to the planning commission for the MTC! We don’t want what’s happening in Urbana to morph
    Into our area.


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