#kirbydelauter, adviser to the Governor?

We here at the Yokel get sent all kinds of juicy tidbits. (Keep them  coming folks!) Today’s nugget:


Yawn...drivel. This is just a whole bunch of nothing.
Yawn…drivel. This is just a whole bunch of nothing.

Now, here’s #kirbydelauter’s response:

2016-01-27 (1)

Kirby and Billy are pretty liberal with their cell phones, n’est-ce pas? So if you, Governor Hogan, get sidetracked from the very important job of dismantling the entire State Government, Kirby is here for ya! I guess we can all breathe easier now.



Billy explains his abstentions-still makes no sense.

Come on Cricket give the liar a break!
Come on Cricket give the liar a break!

What must be going through Councilman Shreve’s brain when he sits at his computer to pen his excuses for the Woodsboro times? Does he really expect anyone to relate to this stream of consciousness b.s. ? I mean really folks, does he really think we are this dumb?  Let us start with excuso numero uno:

December, 12 months in office. #1 duty of the County Council is to provide budget oversight. So far, after 12 months, we still have not hired a Budget Director. I have protested this repeatedly by abstaining on all budget related votes, over 60 times this year. (I refuse to do hunger strikes : )

Ha ha! As if Billy’s not going to eat for you jerks!!! So, why did he vote “yes” for Trout Run? And why vote against the minutes? Because it’s all a very convenient bunch of crap. Billy must have been hungry when he wrote this because there’s this:

I’m not a big government guy and don’t propose hiring employees just to have them, but if you are running a restaurant, you need a cook, dishwasher, and server. The Council inherited a $550 million dollar budget and a population of 240,000. An entity this size requires staff to handle the day to day operations on day one! We aren’t running a coffee shop; we need employees.

But you just said a coffee house/restaurants need employees. Wouldn’t the better analogy be: like a coffee shop, we need an adequate number of employees to make sure things run smoothly. OHH OHH! 25 word job-posting digression time:

Billy’s Speech Writer

Must be able to take endless non sequiturs and unrelated analogies and translate them into standard English. Overtime a must!

Any hoo! Back to the article. There’s lots and lots of complaining about Mike Gastley, and how they had to put all the numbers into Kirby’s work budget software (what the what). And they still, even though they were on the BOCC for four years, weren’t able to make heads of tails of it all. What we find most interesting about this whole written catastrophe is what Billy leaves out. He omits the name of the very person that Billy and Kirby put forth. A person who not only vacations with one Councilmember, and tailgates with another, but one who is living with the very person who lost to Jan! Look at his complaint about Mr. Gastley:

How can we believe he will support the Council and not the County Executive? Is this the right person to provide checks and balances to the County Executive? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Now, can we believe that this person that Billy and Kirby put forth will provide the the appropriate support to ALL of the members of the county council? That this person would also, without bias, take information from the County Executive’s office and relay that to the council?  I think we can be safe to say: NOOOOOOOOO! Maybe–just maybe–Billy would have just a shred of credibility if he had not put this name forward. But hey, since when has Billy ever worried about that?

Hello from the other side: NOBODY is in favor of standardized testing

Do these people even listen to themselves? They are constantly railing against straw man positions other people don’t actually hold (see any discussion of the second amendment and you will learn that all people who want to see any sort of moderating influence on elementary school children wielding rocket propelled grenade launchers if they so desire, are in fact making a power play to grab up the weapons of Joey Deerhunter <insert eye roll here>).

Apparently Cindy Rose is running for BOE, highlighted in a post by Mr. “Some People Call Me Thor” (whut????).  And this nugget of what he says is true: you can talk to anyone across the political spectrum and they don’t think Ben should take standardized tests. We don’t. Largely people (including us) don’t actually think most typical kids should spend all their time on them, either. If you have never seen it, we urge you to watch John Oliver’s segment about the big business of standardized testing in America. Pretty sure all this testing and curriculum sales to ensure success on the tests they sold you is not designed to benefit teachers or kids. Sounds like crafty shenanigans.

Our bone to pick here would be that in order to be an effective advocate for special needs kids experiencing this–the kind of lady who gets stuff done instead of continuing to have a festering problem, and gets to sit on the couch at the Today’s Show and explain to Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie what is happening and why it has to stop (and gawk in person at those superfluous drunken dingbats on the last hour) you have to shine a light on this in a different way. The Frederick County BOE supported Dr. Alban’s decision, asking for clarification at the state level. It is possible to make contact with the state board of education and your representatives at every level of government. It is easier than ever to exert pressure through positive use of social media and the sharing of information.  Maybe we could all lend her a hand with regard to that, because we do actually care, and we can switch tone as needed to be polite and logical and respectful. Then she won’t have to run, and can spend all her free time saying crude things on Facebook.

(Make sure you click through the comments)

Her focus–while important, surely critically so to her child and family–does not give her the kind of experience with broad application to all students. Unfortunately her demeanor when dealing with others does not lend itself to being a constructive voice for the community. We know, we know. We’re snarky too. That’s why we write snarky blog posts, and won’t be running for public office. None of us are patient enough to be cooperative with people we think are infuriating. It’s why #kirbydelauter and Billy Shreve are crappy legislators. Running a county and ranting are not the same thing.

This certainly does not amount to a reason for Whatshisname (Tron, was it?) to vilify FCTA. Who ever hears teachers exalting the vitures of standardized testing? Lois Jarman has a fantastic and 100% snark free blog post just today about the weakness of using standardized testing to evaluate students. Everyone’s students.

Our public school teachers are highly educated and well-trained. We should value their understanding of student learning and performance in the classroom. It’s evident that their assessments bear more weight than anything standardized.

Poll: What would you build if Frederick County were an unregulated “paradise” (and you lived adjacent to #kirbydelauter)?

First things first, the results from last week’s poll:

Looks like Blaine is going to make some money with those county contracts soon!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.49.47 AM
Philosomophizing. hiccup

Since the common refrain seems to be that any land owner should be able to do what they like with their property we pose this question to you faithful readers:






January 19th recap: Part Uno and Part Dos.

We feel your pain Snowball!
We feel your pain, Snowball!

Part Uno:

Very short first half of the meeting. Billy abstains and then says no. And then we are treated to a very informative presentation about Maryland’s new voting system. There will now be a paper print out that the county election board must keep on file for 22 months. That should hopefully ease any fears about there not being a paper trail for our elections. These new machines will be taking a tour of the county:

Date / Time



Tuesday, January 26, 2016 , 1 PM  – 5 PM Brunswick Public Library 915 North Maple Avenue, Brunswick, MD 21716
Wednesday, January 27, 2016 , 4 PM – 7 PM Point of Rocks Library 1635 Ballenger Creek Pike, Point of Rocks, MD 21777
Friday, February 12, 2016, 10 AM – 3 PM Emmitsburg Senior Center 300 South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Thursday, February 18, 2016, 10 AM – 3 PM Frederick Senior Center 1440 Taney Avenue, Frederick, MD 21702
Friday, February 19, 2016, 10 AM – 4 PM Urbana Regional Library 9020 Amelung  Street, Frederick, MD 21704
Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 10 AM – 4 PM Thurmont Regional Library 76 East Moser Road, Thurmont, MD 21788
Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 10 AM – 3 PM Urbana Senior Center 9020 Amelung  Street, Frederick, MD 21704

If you are interested in becoming an election judge, of which they still need hundreds, please follow this link: http://www.frederickcountymd.gov/3227/Election-Judge-Questionnaire

Bud then read into record two new bills being introduced by the county executive to pay for the construction of schools and libraries. We are sure there will be more discussion of this when it’s time for the public hearing.

Finally we close the curtain on Part Uno as the council goes into closed session to talk about a lawsuit (Trout Run?).

Part Dos:

This section of the meeting was totally devoted to Ourisman’s plea to rezone the parcel of land behind Wal-Mart so they could expand their dealership. No kinks here and the rezone was passed. One observation from this section. Billy take a lesson on how to present visual aids. Because this:

2016-01-19 (3)

Is oh so much more professional looking as opposed to, let’s say, this:

2016-01-19 (7)

We had some good public comments (hi Stan!). We always enjoy hearing the smart ladies from the League of Women Voters. Then: why, people? Why do Council Member comments always have to go so wrong?

Kirby makes us aware that he’s all for clean energy and being on the side of the state of Maryland? When did this conversion occur? Are we to see a more enlightened Councilman? Oh, wait. That’s right. Jan put a 6 month stop to solar farms on public lands to make sure that these installations are being planned in a smart way. You might call that a conservative step. So somehow this whole conversation was about how he finds it “very interesting” that Jan is on the wrong side of business and the State. How clever. Nobody is falling for this though. Not even Tony, who happens to throw his hat in the ring to show support for Jan’s plan.

It would appear that Billy is obsessed with Bud. His past few comments have been devoted to calling Bud out on what Billy thinks are his deficiencies. In the past, Bud has addressed his comments and a little sparring would occur. We have to say we love what happened tonight. Billy went off on one of his little tirades and when Bud’s turn came..no mention of Billy. Not a single word. Silence is truly golden. Enjoy the serving of cold shoulder, Billy. Mmm…mmm, good.



Three strikes and you’re out! Your third drinking game of the month!



If the county council keeps this pace we may need to hire some interns at your faithful Yokel. It’s only the 19th and this is the third meeting we’ve had to monitor. Here’s your agenda, so follow along. (*start time for this evening’s meeting has been changed to 6:00) But please take it easy. There’s still 11 months left in the year. You need your liver for all of ’em.

After approving a single budget transfer, it’s time to get educated on the new voting system and laws. Now anyone who knows this council can attest to the likelihood that there’s going to be some talk on voting I.D. and how the voter fraud in this country is out of control. Of course it’s not, so to calm your nerves slam back an American Spirit. Since we know you believe in this country as much as we do.

Zeus have mercy–impact and school construction fees are coming up! Let the fun begin! Most of us know that if we need more schools it’s going to cost money, right? And it’s going to have to be paid by someone, and does it not make sense that someone should be the people building such houses and requiring more schools? But sense does not always trickle its way up to the dais. And two bills introduced by Bud Otis on behalf of the County Executive? Whoo-eee boy. Might check up on the County Council Watch Facebook “community” for a real show. Make sure your rabies shots are up to date. And, when all the Adequate Public Facilities derision begins, mix up some Divine Wind in the hopes that maybe logic will blow around to the four corners of the earth!


During the closed door break, make sure you take the time to hydrate or perhaps even take a nap.

Public Hearing!!!! Frederick Crossing MXD!!! This is to rezone a parcel of land on the corner of 355 and 85 into a more commercial zone so Ourisman Chevy can put a dealership there. Not sure how this is going to play out. Sometimes those who claim to be pro-business all of the sudden cease to be so when bills are put forth by those they don’t like. So we will leave this part up to you. Shots, pitchers of margaritas or face plants into your couch pillows! We trust you to make the best choice. We will be drinking pitchers of sidecars. Feel free to join us.


Our poll game is back: What will Kirby and Billy use county letterhead for next?


Recently Kirby and Billy put out an oh so funny employment announcement on county letterhead. So now it begs the question: What else have or will they use county letter head for? Choose from the following options: